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Sales Effectiveness Consulting

We work with the sales team to get behind the opinions and create the sales strategies, organisation, campaigns, performance management systems, selling tools and training that will lift performance to a new level.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Facts are more powerful than opinions
  • Involvement unlocks the creativity of your people
  • Solutions that are “owned” get implemented

Our Services are best illustrated by the questions we address and the outcomes we deliver, with the team:

Key Questions


What are our most profitable distributive channels, market segments or key accounts?

Cost/ Profit Imperatives

What are our customers’ priorities, service needs and service satisfaction levels?

Channel and account strategies

Are we doing the things that customers value most and will reward?

Service strategies

Do our people agree on job priorities and is this aligned with the customer’s perspective?

Get the army marching in step!

Do our planning, information analysis and performance management processes contribute to more effective implementation?

Best practice processes

Do our frontline team competencies meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s?

Training and Development Plans

Are our team leaders investing adequate “people time”?

Leader/ Coaches

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