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In Company Training

JSA integrates in-company workshops, modular training packages, on-line learning, coaching support and sales effectiveness consulting to create blended solutions to meet your company’s unique needs.

Our most popular in-company training topics are indicated by the grouping of modules in our On-Line Sales Training and you can also see topics in JSA Workshops.

Key Beliefs

The days of “results are down, let’s run a workshop” are long gone, because stand-alone workshops deliver only 13% retention and even less behaviour change.

We encourage our clients to plan new in-company training with these “truths” in mind:

  • Learning exists to drive business results
  • Measureable outcomes are a sound discipline
  • Senior management commitment is vital
  • “2% of Payroll” is a start point for Learning budgets
  • Learning is a process, not an event. What happens before and after classroom activity is crucial
  • User research amongst learners is the quickest way to sharpen program relevance
  • 70% of our Learning is by Doing and takes place on the job
  • Learning by Doing is equally important during workshops
  • “Learner driven development” is a highly desireable goal
  • Self-development should be encouraged and rewarded
  • Coaching by managers is the bridge from classroom to job
  • Indeed, line managers are your most important training resource
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