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JSA Franchise and Licence Opportunities

We’re keen to explore international relationships to disseminate our extensive learning portfolio.

The "why" is easy: we're internationalists - a British, American and Australian team, 30-40% of our work is with international clients and, more than ever before, clients are licencing our materials for global use. Bottom line - incremental business is good business.

The “what” is an extensive curriculum of in-company workshops (slides, trainer’s notes, workbooks, handouts) and a rapidly growing self-learning program.

The “how” is open to negotiation. We’re flexible in the options we’ll consider, from simple licencing arrangements to full franchise.

Franchise has been our business model for many years. We sell a significant proposition of our franchisees’ work, continuously update the materials and website and offer business guidance. Frankly, we like the idea of people paying to work with us rather than vice versa. That said, the franchise model may not work so well a hemisphere away, so we’re open minded on relationship models.


Equally, we know this is a two way street. If you have products and services that complement ours (particularly if they involve software or e-Learning), we’d love to discuss mutual marketing opportunities.

John Sergeant
John Sergeant Associates Pty Ltd
Tel (612) 9972 9900
Email: john@jsasolutions.com

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