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How Modules Work

Audio Visual Modules

Example of an Audio Visual module

  • Easy to use: built in Adobe Presenter with animated slides and audio; multiple viewing options
  • 40-60 minutes to complete each module, including about 15 minutes audio (20-25 flash visuals)
  • Most powerful when you discuss issues and implementation opportunities, with your manager
  • Ideal for managers to use modules as a base for team meeting sessions, or coaching themes


Example of the Toolbox included

  • Capture ideas in a Personal Action Planner for discussion with your manager, after the module
  • PDF format Checklists/ Examples/ Templates adaptable to your business, as illustrated in this "tools menu" from the Key Account Management series of modules
  • Podcasts are available for selected skills modules, for on-the-job reinforcement…just before that important meeting or coaching session


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