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User Benefits

Instant On-Line learning for busy sales people and their managers.

Companies want...

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Staff Engagement
  • Staff Retention
  • Accelerated Productivity
  • Minimum off-the-job time
  • Reduced training costs

Learners want...

  • Personal growth
  • Learning now
  • Bitesize chunks
  • Easy to use
  • Practical Tools
  • Ideas => Action

Team Managers want

  • Immediate performance Improvement
  • Ideas for on-the-job coaching
  • More interesting team meetings
  • Reinforce on-line or via teleconference

One client has already invested $250,000 in an expanded version of this online series. Why? Because they want to engage their people in learning, achieve widespread coverage quickly, minimise off-the-job time and reduce overall learning costs.

Individual Users

We support you with the tools to put the ideas into practice, and podcasts to remind you of key points before that important meeting. Enjoy your learning and please tell your friends….and your manager!

Corporate Users

We can structure packages of modules for use in any team size, from local to global, and arrange hosting on your LMS, or our server. Contact John Sergeant on Sydney 9972 9900 or john@jsasolutions.com to discuss pricing, delivery modes and potential tailoring.

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