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Learner Driven Development

People in business are ready to learn….but they're presented with inefficient learning, perhaps because companies still expect L&D professionals to deliver days of classroom learning…not think about business results.

We subscribe to the "70-20-10" view of learning. 70% of learning is by doing, on the job, 20% is from others....colleagues, managers, mentors; 10% is by being taught. If 70% is on the job, trying new things, you'd better learn to drive your own development.

Learning only has value if the people value it. Learning Traction is a huge challenge which we also explore in Training FAQs and via a diagnostic questionnaire in Free Articles.

Our top line messages to stakeholders are:

The Organisation: Express a clear commitment to Learning...and fund it to at least 2% of payroll.

Line Managers: Embrace your responsibility for Learning, After all, you only have two imperatives; - get the job done and develop people....and you can't get the job done unless you develop people

Learners: Own your own development. Use your managers as a resource, prioritise your own needs, plan your own learning schedule and protect your learning time

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