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Client Success Stories

Most of our major clients have been with us for 5 years or more and most of our new business comes from their referrals....because we deliver measurable results.

Delivering customers to you

Direct mail is growing part of the marketing mix in many developed markets. Our client, the #2 player, was losing share in a growth environment. They’d had the weighty consulting report (not ours) and were reeling at the breadth and variety of recommendations.

Helping Japan to see clearly

If you walk around Tokyo, someone will give you a leaflet for contact lenses. It’s a highly competitive market, structured into chains and independent groups, with a strong price-fighting segment.

Embedding Learning in the Organisation

Our client has 30,000 people worldwide. All training was locally driven with massive duplication and cost, and little consistency, until the advent of a global “University.”

Every year a record year

Global projects are fun, but, helping a family owned business to succeed is equally rewarding.

700 bicycles in China

An all new sales force of 700 people on bicycles is a challenge to conventional thinking on how to manage sales.

Global retailer expansion in Thailand

Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco and others view Asia is a major growth opportunity. In Thailand, the government is so worried about the impact on small retail, that it has been struggling with legislation for years.

Cable vs. Free to Air TV

Our client, the advertising sales arm of a cable TV operator, had grown rapidly, but plateaud, below budget. The sense in the sales force was that, if they pushed too hard, the Free to Air operators would react aggressively to any threat to their money making machine.

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